Why Buyer’s Broker

“only the smartest consumers have caught on”
Types of Real Estate Agents (for BUYERS)
– NBC Today Show

NEWS-300x57“Like it or not, the real estate agent helping you house hunt is actually working for the seller and is legally bound to get the seller the highest price. You can hire a buyer broker to work on your behalf. These agents differ from traditional agents in that they are required to secure a price and contract favorable to the buyer.”
– U.S. News & World Report


“Of buyers surveyed, 82% thought their conversation with their agent was confidential. 80% said the agent played a major role in the transaction.73% told the agent the maximum amount they would be willing to pay (not realizing the agent was obligated to disclose their top price to the seller).”
– Federal Trade Commission


“Many people don’t realize that unless specifically stated otherwise, brokers are legal representatives of sellers. A buyer broker, representing only the buyer, may be able to secure a better price and better terms.”
– Good Housekeeping