What Others Say

money“You save big bucks by hiring a buyer broker.” 
– Money Magazine

SmartMoney-300x85“Groups such as the Consumer Federation and the American Association of Retired Persons recommend using buyer’s agents … the reason is they work.”  
– Smart Money

Bloomberg“Exclusive buyer broker – aims to get best deal for home buyer.”
– Business Week

cr_logo_home-300x31“You can’t have partial loyalty, an agent either works for you or works for someone else.”
– Consumer Reports

nytimes2-300x49“Buyer brokers make a great deal of sense.
– The New York Times

Chicago-300x68“Hiring a buyer’s broker costs the home buyer nothing extra. 
– Chicago Tribune

LATIMES-300x46“Exclusive buyer’s agents work only for consumers and often can save them money.” 
– Los Angeles Times

Ralph Nader-Agency Law Quarterly

“Nader again held up exclusive buyer brokerage as the only legitimate option for the home buying public.” 
– Ralph Nader-Agency Law Quarterly