Why a Sarasota or Naples Buyer’s Agent?

Buyer’s Agents come to Sarasota and Naples

Prior to 1989, there were no Sarasota or Naples Exclusive Buyer’s Agents to assist Buyers in residential real estate transactions. In 1989, the Buyer’s Broker of Southwest Florida opened its Sarasota office, bringing the first Exclusive Buyer’s Agents to Sarasota. In 1992, The Buyer’s Broker opened in Naples, introducing the first Naples Exclusive Buyer’s Agents.

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Oddly, at that time in Florida, except for the Buyer’s Broker and their Buyer Agents, real estate agents in both Sarasota and Naples represented the sellers. Of course, many agents allowed their Buyers to wrongly believe they were working with them. After days in the car looking at property, it was often correct, but it was illegal. They were never their Sarasota or Naples Buyer’s Agent. Nationally, there were large class action lawsuits brought by both Buyers and sellers. They claimed they should have paid less, or made more, that they should have received better prices for their properties. They were successful lawsuits and the Buyers and Sellers prevailed. It became obvious with an FTC, Federal Trade Commission, report that a large percentage of home Buyers did not know their real estate agent was not working for them. The FTC called it misleading.

Meanwhile, throughout the United States, real estate Buyers were being educated about Buyer’s Brokers, and their Exclusive Buyer’s Agents. The FTC, Ralph Nader, Money Magazine, AARP, the Consumer Federation of America, etc., and the national media in general, were busy advocating that real estate Buyers should seek out and work with a “Buyer’s Broker,” and their team of “Exclusive Buyer’s Agents,” to help Buyers find the home of their dreams, at the lowest price and best terms.

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Not all Buyer’s Agents are created equal

Not all Buyer’s Agents are created equal. Few on this Google page are actual Buyer’s Agents. Actual Buyer’s Agents never take listings, and work for a Buyer’s Broker, who never takes listings. Ever. Always choose to work with a Sarasota or Naples “Exclusive” Buyer’s Agent.

The Buyer’s Broker of Southwest Florida, and their team of Sarasota and Naples Buyer’s Agents, NEVER take listings. There is never a conflict, as there may be with those claiming to be your Buyer’s Agent, when you are interested in a property their company has listed for sale. They always work for the seller. It is that simple.

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Why choose us as your Sarasota or Naples

“Exclusive” Buyer’s Agent?

Many Sarasota and Naples home Buyers do not understand the importance of having an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent look after their best interests when purchasing a residence. As using your spouse’s attorney in a divorce is never a good idea, home Buyers should always be represented in every real estate transaction as well. As recommended by so many, use the best, use a Sarasota Exclusive Buyer’s Agent or a Naples Exclusive Buyer’s Agent. See everything currently available on the market. We work with Buyers only. You receive 100% Loyalty, 100% of the time. We are always on your side. Simply tell us what you are looking for and our Sarasota or Naples Buyer’s Agents will find it for you, and help you negotiate the lowest price and best terms. We will perform your due diligence for you, giving you the mandated reports and test results, keeping you informed every step of the way. From the first inspection to the final walk through, the day of the close. Our Sarasota and Naples Buyer’s Agents will take care of all the details for you.

cr_logo_home-300x31“You can’t have partial loyalty, an agent either works for you or works for someone else.”
– Consumer Reports

nytimes2-300x49“Buyer brokers make a great deal of sense.”

-The New York Times


“Hiring a Buyers Agent costs the home buyer nothing extra.”
– Chicago Tribune